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I’m a BBW Admirer, Where Do I Find Dates?

I’m a BBW Admirer, Where Do I Find Dates?


Are you one of the millions of people around the world who find BBW men or women attractive? You may not understand the hype of skinny people in the music, film, or modelling world. Who wants to date someone who starves themselves to skin and bones? Most people can agree that a person who has some fat on their bodies is actually healthier and funner to be around. If you’re into BBW dating, you’ll love signing up for one of the dating sites for fat admirers.


Here are 5 tips to help you get started with dating for BBW, or to find dating sites for fat admirers.


  1. Google search.Doing a google search is going to be the best way to find BBW dating sites. You’ll be surprised at how many choices you have. Once you get started you’ll discover how easy it is to use the BBW dating site.


  1. Check the dating for BBW site reviews.Just like with the big regular dating sites, some are better than others. You may want to  find the best BBW dating sites. You also want to be aware that some sites are scams. So, be sure to check reviews first. There are plenty of dating review sites, and every genuine site is sure to have dozens of reviews online. Don’t be dissuaded by negative comments about one or two features, as each person will have their own preferences.


  1. Stay active.If you’ve signed up for one of the BBW dating websites, be sure to stay active on them. Always check your messages and respond back in a timely manner. If you meet someone interesting, this will give you a better indication of whether you’d like to meet for a coffee date in the future.


  1. Ask for dates.You can spend a lot of time on dating  for big beautiful woman, sorting through profiles, and messaging back and forth, but always remember your primary dating goal: to actually go on dates. Narrow down your dating choices to a few people, and send them a message asking if they’d like to meet in person at a local coffee shop. Don’t wait for someone else to ask you out on a date. Be sure to do your share of the asking, so that you can actually meet people in real life.5. Try BBW dating forums.Many plus size dating sites have a variety of features that are going to keep you busy for some time. Joining forums is another fun way of using a dating site. On the BBW forums you can chat with people about advice. You may even find an attractive BBW single on the forums.



Once you find a few dating sites for BBW and BHM, try one or two at a time so you’re not spending all your time online, rather than dating. These dating for BBW sites will increase your chances for dates. Remember that the more dates you go on, the greater the odds that you’ll find the perfect companion for life!

How to Finding the Best BBW Dating Site?

How to Finding the Best BBW Dating Site?

Many people who are single don’t want to be. But it can be frightening in the dating world. People are so judgemental, and if you wait until you’ve lost those few extra pounds, you could be waiting a long time before you find the right person. You’ve heard of BBW dating sites where attractive women with extra pounds can meet men who are interested in dating. The BBW date site can put lonely people together.


Forget about what the negative people say—why should you diet when there are plenty of men who will accept you for who you are? Did you know that there is no one best BBW dating site? What works for your best friend may not be right for you.


Here are some tips for finding the best BBW dating sites.


  1. Dont limit yourself to the top ranking site.The first site that pops up in your search may not necessarily be the best one. Yes, it may be the most popular, or have the most singles on it, but is it right for you? Click through the search to see what else is available. After you do your search, you’ll see numbered pages at the bottom, such as 1, 2, 3, Next.


  1. Site layout.As you scroll through the site, what is your initial impression? You may like how the site is laid out in a simple way. If not, does it have too many links? Some sites seem little more than click bait. You can tell that it may not be the best site for BBW dating if there are endless links along the bottom of the page, or the sides of the page that don’t really lead anywhere.


  1. Best free features.Almost all BBW date sites will offer free registration. However, some sites may restrict access unless you pay for one of their membership tiers. It can be difficult to get a feel for the site if you don’t have access to basic features such as doing a profile search, or sending at least a few messages to other singles.


  1. Safety & security.Does the site use an encrypted and secure method to take credit card payments? You should feel secure that your information is protected. You may also wish to see how good the customer service is. Simply send a message off to the online support, or an email message, and see how quickly they respond. If there is no support at all, you may wish to steer clear, as you may be stuck if there is an issue with your account.5. Years in business?Has your chosen BBW dating sites been around for several years, or did the site just pop-up? Many site owners only have to pay on a monthly basis. This can erode away at your trust for a brand new site, as they may not be around in a month or so.



Likely you’ll have your own list of variables to look for when you’re trying to find a special date on the best dating sites for BBW and their admirers.

Should I Try Only BBW Dating Sites?

Should I Try Only BBW Dating Sites?

If you’re a BBW, you may have found some difficulty in finding men to date, as our world is focussed on fashion model thin. These unrealistic expectations can also work away at your self-confidence, until all you want to do is sit on the couch on the weekend instead of going out and having fun like your slender friends. But people of every size do find love.


You may have discovered that there are many BBW date sites where the larger more voluptuous woman can find plenty of male admirers. Since there are these types of sites you may wonder if you should bother with the other ones.


Here are a few tips to help you get started.


  1. Try BBW dating first.Try the BBW dating site first, there are a lot of BBW singles and BBW admirers as it’s going to be your best chance for a positive dating experience. If for some reason you’re finding it’s taking a long time to find the perfect man to date, then extend your reach and try some of the other dating sites too.


  1. More sites means more matches.The more sites you’re on, the greater the opportunity for meeting someone great. However, if you’re on ten different sites you’ll soon find that you don’t have time to spend on all of them, and that plan will backfire. Stick to one or two, maybe three.


  1. Dont be afraid to deactivate.If a dating site really isn’t working out for you, don’t be afraid of deactivating your account. There will still be plenty of the best BBW dating sites to try. And more sites are being created each day. You’re never going to run out of a supply of sites. So, if you really want to try one of the other big and “general” dating sites, then go ahead.


  1. Have an honest profile.As long as you have an honest profile—if they ask for height or weight—be honest. Have some attractive photos of you, such as head shots and full body shots. This way if anyone is browsing, they’ll know who you are right away. There’s really no excuse for anyone to berate you over weight when it’s laid out in front of them. (But you don’t want to date anyone like that anyway!)

    5. Try to attract through interests.If you have some great hobbies and interests in your profile, they’ll attract men to you in droves. Just imagine if you have fishing, golfing, or attending sporting events as interests. They’ll be able to look past your great BBW size and take a closer look at you. And that’s the whole point of a great BBW dating profile—to stand out from the others.



Should you or shouldn’t you? It’s up to you as to how many dating sites you try, and whether you want to focus on the best BBW plus size dating sites or try some of the larger general dating sites too. Either way, you’ll be meeting more men than simply waiting for a man to ask you out in public!

How BBWs Can Avoid Schemers

How BBWs Can Avoid Schemers

Certain types of women seem to be prey for men who are up to no good. Often they can erroneously believe that dating with BBWs will suit their purposes, because likely they believe larger women are desperate. Well, of course they’re not, but some women have their fair share of losers to deal with. Generally, you’ll want to avoid men on BBW dating sites who are cheaters, crazy, or abusive.


Here are some tips with BBW dating so you can save yourself some heartache and find a decent man to date.


  1. Is he always cancelling? There’s a difference between a doctor on call and a man who can’t get away because he has a wife at home. You’ll also have to decide for yourself if you really want to deal with a man who cancel dates all the time, no matter the reason. Attending a funeral or going to the hospital is acceptable, but deciding to hang out with the guys instead isn’t.


  1. Is he quick to anger? It’s one thing to be angry about the issues of the world, but does he anger for the little things? Is he yelling at the wait staff or a cashier in a store? Remember that how he treats others will be how he treats you when you’re alone.


  1. He treats you too well. There’s no such thing as a perfect man. Is the man you date being a bit too perfect by paying for all the meals, opening all the doors for you, and always being polite? What about his bad side? Everyone has one. You need to see it before you get too involved in him. And hopefully it’s only some minor swearing, eating junk food, or leaving the toilet seat up. But the too perfect man is hiding something, and trying to find a “catch” who won’t be able to leave him easily when the honeymoon is over.


  1. Hes evasive. People who go on first dates may be hesitant to share where they live or their work addresses with you, but after dating for several weeks it can be a red flag if they still haven’t done so. You are sharing your information freely, so they should be too. Plus, when you ask if you can drop by their work or home, and they start freaking out, there may be something else at play. Perhaps he’s been lying about his career, or he has kids he doesn’t want to tell you about.


  1. He has forgotten his wallet. While it’s normal to pay for your own first dates, after a length of time you should both agree on who is paying for what. Often the man can pay for the meals while the woman pays for the tickets. But if you find that he never seems to have his wallet on him, or he’s forgotten to bring enough cash, perhaps he’s looking for a sugar mama.



Once you get back into dating again you may have your own mental list of what to look for in a man. Use it to your advantage as you want to find a man on a BBW dating site who is both fun and fabulous to be around!

Should I Try BBW Dating?

Should I Try BBW Dating?

Many BBWs may have tried various methods to help them find available single men. They may have hung out at the local bars or clubs, chatted up the handsome men at the store, or even asked friends to hook them up. But often it takes more than chatting men up in public to find out if they’re suitable or not.
Many women have heard of the BBW dating sites. They offer a better chance for BBW singles to find either a date or someone for a serious relationship. And there are as many men on there who are also interested in BBW dating. Here are a few more reasons why you should give a BBW dating site a try.


  1. BBW dating sites are affordable. Some dating sites are free for registration and then they offer more premium services if you decide to sign up for full registration. If you’ve ever priced out what an actual dating service costs, it can be in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, and they can’t guarantee a successful match. But you’ll find that most online dating sites are still affordable.


  1. View hundreds of eligible singles.You can choose how far you want to broaden your search. Do you want to stick within your own city or are you willing to travel a few miles to some of the surrounding communities? Either way, you’ll find plenty of eligible men who are interested in dating with BBW. A dating site also makes your search much easier, as you can prescreen people online before you get in your car to meet them at the coffee shop.


  1. Better chance to find the right one.When you have to work all day often the last thing you want to do is go out to a bar after work. There are things to do at home, and some BBWs have children. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for hunting around for the perfect partner. But being able to spend a few minutes each day in front of the computer will help you to find the right one. You don’t even have to meet up with men until you’re confident that they are friendly and fun.


  1. Men are waiting to meet you.The men who have signed up on a  dating site for plus size singles are ready and willing to meet BBW women. Some of the men may be BHM, while others may be regular or plus sized. Either way, they don’t care about your size. They’re looking for an attractive women who is warm and witty.


  1. Have fun!Whether you are seeking male friends to go out on dates, or a lifetime partner, you can have fun, instead of sitting at home alone. Having another person for activities and events is a lot more fun and soon you’re never feel lonely again.



If you have any doubts about BBW dating, turn them off. Turn on the positive thoughts and get started on a dating site for BBW today, because you never know, you may just find a special companion!

It’s True, There’s Happiness in BBW Dating

It’s True, There’s Happiness in BBW Dating

In a world where a beauty is often synonymous with skinny and slim, people with weight issues are often overlooked, even in the dating arena. What most people don’t know is that weight has little to do with personality, mindset and outlook. Ask anyone with local BBW, and they will tell you how amazing it is to have BBW singles as part of your squad.

They are some of the most outgoing individuals, who are oozing with positivity. Their sunny disposition tends to rub off on anyone they meet. It is contagious in an amazing way. So imagine the kind of experience you’ll have if you’re dating Big Beautiful Women or BBW.

Many say happiness begins with BBW dating. Don’t believe it?

  • BBW dating BHM

Large men and women dating is like the perfect match, especially if their personality clicks. They’re likely to enjoy the same things with a few differences to spice up the relationship. Where and what to eat would not be a problem, and you can be sure that when you go out with big beautiful singles, there will not be a moment where your date isn’t eating and you are.

But the most important thing is that weight issues will not come up in BBW-dating. Besides, the definition of sexy is subjective. There are a lot of BBWs that carry themselves with such confidence they are oozing with sex appeal.

  • BBW singles dating regular-sized people

Is there such a thing as regular size? But you get the picture. In this kind of relationship, people would have mixed reactions. They’d laud the not-so-large guy for being brave enough to date a plus-size woman. How did bravery get into the picture? Others would think the big beautiful woman is lucky to have this or that kind of guy fall in love with her. Perhaps. But the guy is just as lucky. The same thing is true if the guy is a big handsome man and the woman is sexy and beautiful.

It is unfortunate how some people perceive this kind of relationship, but it has nothing to do with bravery or luck. What if they just really like each other? They complement each other, after all.

But why would you care what anyone else think in the first place? This, right here, is another bonus when dating curvy people. You learn to be true to yourself and just stop caring about what others think, especially with misplaced concerns and comments.

When this happens, happiness steps in.

So if you want to add variety to your love life, sign up for BBW dating sites for an opportunity for BHM and BBW dating. Don’t you want to feel some flesh and bones when you hug someone? Don’t you want to get a bear hug, almost literally?

BBW looking for other BBW admirers or otherwise, would love to make a connection with you today. So create an account with a BBW dating site and enjoy the happiness that dating sites for BBW brings.


Should I Keep My BBW Dating a Secret?

Should I Keep My BBW Dating a Secret?

There are dating sites for everyone, and even BBW singles sites where people can meet up and have a better chance of finding that special someone. But often BBW people may feel shy or uncomfortable sharing their dating experiences in their social lives.

Is there ever a good time when it’s suitable to let your friends know that you’re on plus size dating site? After all, many people have met their future spouses through friends. If you can’t advertise the fact that you’re single and available, are you only going to seek singles through a BBW online dating site?

Here are some tips on whether to share your BBW singles experiences, or not.

1. Keep personal and work life separate.

You should always maintain a professional appearance at work. The people you work with are only your work buddies, and rarely will they become lifelong friends. Even chatting about BBW singles can seem like gossiping, which is frowned upon at many professional offices. Don’t discuss your relationship status or your dating efforts with the people at work.

2. Dating is a safe topic for your closest friends.

You can confide in your closest friends. These are the friends who may be experiencing the same BBW singles challenges you are too, or perhaps they’ve already settled down and can offer you some dating advice. It’s always great to know that you have friends that you trust enough to help you with embarrassing topics.

3. Share your dating adventures with strangers.

Strangers are people that you chat with in the coffee shop, or at the pub. Likely you’ll never see them again, so you won’t feel embarrassed chatting about your plus size dating experiences. These people may also be able to offer you some dating tips. And if you do see them again, you’ll be on your way to a friendship where you can confide in each other!

4. Sharing with family can be awkward.

It depends on what type of relationship you have with your family members. You may feel comfortable chatting to your brothers or sisters about dating experiences, but may feel awkward talking to your mother or father. They may not understand why you’re still single and it may be frustrating explaining to them over and over again.

5. Be positive when sharing.

Go ahead and joke about your silly dating experiences with your friends. That’s the best way to brush off a date that didn’t go the way you planned, or that was disappointing. People’s ears will perk up when you share your funny dating experiences, rather than have them thinking, “I don’t want to hear this”.
In the end, it’s up to you whether you wish to share your BBW online dating experiences with your friends, family, or coworkers. At times you may feel completely alone, particularly after you’ve had a few disappointing coffee dates. Remember that other people may be able to offer some helpful dating advice that can provide you for inspiration for those days when you feel extra lonely.

Perks of Going out on a Date with BBW Singles

Perks of Going out on a Date with BBW Singles

Are you having hard time finding a date?

Congratulations, you’re not the only one.

That may seem like a jerk-arse move, but look on the bright side – other people like you are on the prowl, and you could get lucky at some point.

Where can you find them? Online, of course.

Let’s be honest, following traditional dating tips is not exactly easy. They say go out there, look presentable and attractive, but even if you make an impression, there is no guarantee that the other person will ask you out.

How about going to clubs and bars? It’s often rare to find a decent person who wants to go out on a proper date in such places. But you might find a one-night stand. Since that’s not what you are after, going to clubs and bars to find a potential date may not always work in your favor.

So the next best option is dating sites, because everyone signs up for the sole reason of finding a date. No more dilly-dallying or beating around the bush. When you send a private message, you are taking that first step of asking someone out on a date. And every member knows it.

What is even better is that dating sites are often specific to a particular niche or a group of people.

There are dating sites for single Christian men and women, those looking for no-strings-attached hook up, and those for plus size women. Yes, there is a BBW dating site you can sign up with if you are a big and beautiful woman (BBW) looking for a date, or you’re a guy who’s into dating with BBW.

Perks of Dating BBW Singles

Relief from complaints about size

When dating a plus-size woman, you may not have to answer the question “Do I look fat”, which could be a landmine. They know they are curvier than most and loving it. So they’re less likely to badger you with it. And if you love their size, they’ll love yours too.

Goodbye starvation. Hello Indulgence

When it comes to plus size dating, there’s a huge possibility that you won’t need to count calories anymore, especially if your date isn’t counting at all. What is even better is that plus size women know exactly how to please a man through his stomach.

This is not to say that you would have to say goodbye to staying fit, because plus-size women also think about fitness and wellness. So you’ll definitely find a good workout buddy when dating with BBW. The goal, however, is to be fit and not skinny.

Fun and adventurous relationship

Most BBW singles have a pleasing personality and sunny disposition. So expect fun to go around. They are also open to engage in your favorite pastime, especially if they don’t have to exert a lot of effort. Congratulations, you’ve just found your TV-watching buddy.

But the reality is that finding a date is just half the story. Once you find a potential date, you need to work on making an impression, which is approximately 12 minutes into the first meeting, according to a study. That’s not a lot of time to showcase all your talents and whatnots.

But you have to start somewhere, and a BBW dating site is as good as any starting point.

How to Make a BBW Fall for You

How to Make a BBW Fall for You

If you’re a fat admirer or FA who’s attracted to black BBWs, one of the most difficult things you’ll go through is finding black BBW singles who are ready for a relationship. Many BBWs are either married, in a relationship, or aren’t interested in getting a boyfriend, so it’s kind of hard to find someone who’d like to connect with you on a deeper level.

Fortunately, you can make things easier by signing up for BBW dating sites, such as By taking this step, you’ll get to meet a wide range of big beautiful women who are ready to get out there and find romance.

The question now is this: once you find a BBW you like on the dating site, how can you get her to like you back? There is no single right answer since every person is different, but you can use tried-and-tested strategies that can help you get the girl of your dreams. Here are some of those tips:
Make the first move
This can be daunting particularly if it’s your first time to approach a BBW, or any woman, for that matter. But remember: you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t do anything! So take a deep breath, open the chat box, and send her a message. A simple “Hi! How are you doing?” can do the trick; it’s open-ended and gives her the chance to say something about herself.

If you’ve been chatting for a while and you’d like to meet her in person, you’ll need to make the first move, too. Say that you want to take her out to a movie and have dinner — or something else that’s pretty low-key so she won’t feel pressured. Making the first move is important since it shows that you are interested in her and are brave enough to try.

Just be yourself
This might sound so cliché, but it’s actually important. Many women can detect when a man is being himself and when he’s faking it, so it’s better to err on the safe side and just be who you really are. The upside of this is that, when you and your dream BBW finally get into a relationship, there’s no need to readjust since you’ve already shown your true self — and she loves you for it.

Find a common ground
It’s hard to like someone who is so different from you. So, to make your dream girl like you, you’ll need to find something that you both like. Perhaps you both like sci-fi books and movies, or maybe you both love rock and roll music. Whatever it is, try to connect over common interests and hobbies so you’ll have something that you can bond over and you won’t run out of things to talk about.

Show her that you care
Many BBWs have had some negative experiences with men, which makes it hard for them to trust other people. If this is the case with your girl, the only thing you can do is to express your care and affection and show her that you can be trusted. Open doors for her, text her “Good morning”, and surprise her with flowers every now and then. Of course, when you’re together, focus all your attention on her and make her feel like she’s the only woman in the room. These small things will slowly melt her heart and hopefully make her realize that you’re the right man for her.
These are just some of the black BBW dating tips you should keep in mind. Give them a try and see how they’ll help you get the BBW of your dreams.

The Benefits of Plus Size Dating

The Benefits of Plus Size Dating

In the past, many men considered slim women as beautiful. However, this perception is slowly fading away in the modern world as men tend to be attracted to women who are curvaceous now. Read on to know more about the benefits of dating plus size women.

Women who have big bodies are usually passionate when it comes to food. Therefore, you can be assured that you will not have to skip meals just because your partner has no appetite. The women will dine out, fry, bake and cook all sorts of foods besides talking about it.

Slim women are extremely conscious when it comes to their appearances. They will panic even when they have added slight weight. On the same note, they will spend a lot of time in front of the mirror trying to convince themselves that they are slim enough. However, their counterparts are not affected by this as much and you will not have an easy time dealing with them.

Many men will cheat with the small-sized women as opposed to the plus size group. Therefore, you will have lesser frustrations because few men will be after your woman. Cheating in romantic relationships is the number one cause of breakups and divorces. They are not funny processes and it is better if you avoid the heartache and disappointment that comes with this.

Big-bodied women are usually opinionated. They do not bite their tongues because they do not want other people to disapprove them. They have to rise up for themselves in many occasions and this grows their self-esteem and the sense of self-worth. You can be sure that they will not bore you when you are having a conversation.

The women laugh a lot. They are not afraid to throw their heads back and burst into a loud laughter regardless of the place and occasion. It makes it fun to be in their company. Laughter is relaxing and if you are stressed you just need to call them or visit them and you will leave feeling better. It also adds humor into the relationship.

A lot of men enjoy holding big women in their hands as opposed to the tiny ones. Therefore, they are considered to be better in bed than their counterparts. Thus, you should not be afraid to date a woman who is plus-size because of the misconceptions prevailing in the society concerning their performance in the bedroom.

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