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Month: February 2016

How to Build a Good BBW Dating Profile?

How to Build a Good BBW Dating Profile?

Whether you’re a BBW—Big Beautiful Woman—or a man seeking a BBW, you may be wondering how to create the best dating profile for the site. It’s free to sign up on the site, so once you get registered, your next big step is to create the best BBW dating site profile possible.

Remember to be accurate with the basic fields. These include your sex, such as man or woman, and whether you’re seeking a man or a woman. Be sure to be honest about your age, as everyone else is too. You’ll also want to select the country and the state or province that you live in. Some people may plan on moving, so it’s fine if you want to expand on your search. You’ll also want to include your body type. The site is not limited to just BBW, so don’t be afraid to be honest about who you are.

The next step is to enter your interests and write a paragraph about yourself. You should always remain positive in your dating profile.

Don’t beat down others by saying that a certain type “need not apply”. In fact, if you can expand on your needs, you’re opening yourself up to meeting more BHM—big handsome men—than if you simply wanted someone skinny, or short.

If you have interests that you pursue several times a week, be sure to note them on your profile. If you enjoy watching football, or going to the gym, or the theater, also make note of them. Often people make the mistake of saying they “love” concerts, travel, and hiking, yet they never do those activities.

While your intention is to attract fit people who are interested in music and who may have some spare cash to go travelling, you aren’t really being fair to yourself, or to them, if you haven’t enjoyed those activities up until now. So, be specific and say that you do certain activities “on a weekly basis”. This way people who are reading your profile are thinking, “hmmm, she/he actually does these things!”

This is also applicable with upholding the integrity of your profile. To ask for someone to have lots of money, be fit, or to have no kids is just being hypocritical, particularly if you can’t fulfill your own expectations.

Humor is always good in a profile. It shows that you’re not always serious. Your fellow plus size singles are looking for other fun people too. But never have humor that makes fun of anyone else, or that is racist.

Don’t make your profile so far-fetched that you’ll scare the average person away, even if you have done those things in your life. You can save the details for your dates with BBW/BHM. Never overwhelm your profile with information either. Type in some interesting facts, and then save the rest for a date.

BBW dating sites may be your best chance at finding the right plus size singles for dates. You never know when your great profile will help you to meet the right one!